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RMT Woodworth operates three facilities that perform medium to high volume heat treating processes. We currently offer continuous processing, in service to the OEM, Off-Highway, Construction Equipment and Defense Industries. Our technologically advanced furnace systems provide us with the flexibility to perform multiple processes including Oil Quench & Temper, Carburize & Harden, Heat Set, Stress Relieving, Normalizing and Aging.

Our “continuous batch” furnaces offer high capacity, flexible scheduling of multiple processes. We process medium to large quantities of product, yet track each product with traceability to Lot number, or other customer specified requirements. We have the capability to hand rack or fixture product in baskets or on specially designed fixtures to provide strict lot control and traceability at volume production rates with repeatable, predictable, consistent results at very competitive prices.

We are TS-16949 Registered and communicate with you, our customers to ensure we are providing you with what you need to flawlessly integrate into your process operations.
Carburize and Harden: Carburizing through .5 mm – 2.7 mm on medium to high volume product. Strict Lot control for traceability is our process standard. Custom Racking for distortion control and special handling for customer requirements is designed into our processing.... READ MORE
Neutral Hardening, Oil Quench & Temper: Harden and temper many alloys, always using Strict Lot Control
and traceability to discrete production units. Bulk loading or hand racking for distortion control using fixturing and baskets for production throughput in conjunction with customer requirements.... READ MORE
Normalize / Stress Relieving: Controlled atmosphere processing to ensure highest quality results. Strict Lot Control to produce maximum product at minimum cost while maintaining your traceability requirements. Hand racking for distortion control or bulk loading for throughput provides you with superior outcome for best price.. READ MORE
Heat Set / Aging: Specialized processing to meet your volume heat setting or aging requirements for a variety of products. Strict Lot Control to provide you with superior, repeatable, predictable results whether you are heating to a low temperature to remove entrained gasses or a time-temperature dependent change in the properties of certain alloys. Capable of very high volumes in multiple processes. READ MORE
ALL OTHER SERVICES: READ MORE about how RMT Woodworth can supply you with proven solutions to your concerns
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