Case Hardening & Carbonitriding Services in Plymouth, MI

Case Hardening & Carbonitriding Services in Plymouth, MI | RMT Woodworth - case-hardeningSuperior Carbonitriding Solutions for Surface Hardness & Wear Resistance

If you need case hardening for plain carbon or low alloy steels that typically don’t do well with carburizing, carbonitriding is your heat treating solution. Carbonitriding is a case hardening process yielding thin, hard casings for metal parts or components. It is an altered form of gas carburizing for when you need dimensional control and wear resistance. The change comes from adding ammonia to the concentrated air allowing for carbon and nitrogen to infuse into the surface of the component.

Another significant difference in using Carbonitriding as a heat treatment solution is the lower temperature and short cycle times necessary to complete the process. The casings have shallower depths in a typical range between 0.002” and 0.030.” Adding nitrogen to the equation increases the hardening potential of the newly formed casing.

Following the Carbonitriding process comes the quenching. Quenching of a material takes place in water, brine, oil, or another substance to rapidly cool it. Once complete, the product is then tempered to an individualized level preselected by the customer. This tempering process improves the ductility and toughness of the unit.

Gain the Benefits of Carbonitriding Your Metal Components with RMT

Carbonitriding offers benefits for your metal units, especially those that are low alloy steels. This process produces superior dimensional control and wear resistance for your parts. Carbonitriding also offers an economical strengthening option for unalloyed steels to be small stamped or machined in other ways.

At RMT Woodworth Heat Treating, we take pride in maintaining our stringent quality standards that surpass auto industry or public health standards while still completing quick turnaround times on orders. We are a family-owned business of over 50 years that can deliver high volume case hardening orders with specialized treatment options. We hold industry certifications in IATF, CQI-9, and NSF, ensuring you get the carbonitriding service you need.

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