Experienced Heat Treatment Services in Major Markets from Plymouth, MI


The automotive industry is a bulwark against numerous challenges, including consumer-dictated pricing and reliability expectations for comfort, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. RMT Woodworth keeps our automotive customers in mind while offering exceptional heat treatment options and continuously refining our process. Services in demand for the automotive industry include thermal processing, metal joining, carburized ring, universal joints, and more. We can offer rack and fixture processing to minimize distortion in your units and consistently deliver the highest quality products with quick turnaround times to keep your business rolling.

Alternative Energy

RMT offers heat treating options for the many metal parts, fixtures, and components that are necessary for the production of alternative energy. When Sold Oxygen Fuel Cells (SOFCs) can stand up against the elements, and general degradation can improve their efficiency and lifespan, this makes for a more competitive option for energy consumers. Our processes help metal components withstand the constant heating and cooling required in solar energy production. The mobile parts we process for wind energy fans have longer lifespans due to the parts being made with harder casings.

Heavy Truck

The complexity of heavy trucks continues to grow as efficiency and environmental requirements expand. RMT can help your business adapt and adjust to these ever-developing trends to give you the highest quality parts with rapid turnaround time. Our case hardening heat treatment helps improve components of heavy trucks in the engine gears, gear shifts, joint crosses, and more. The process of case hardening provides additional wear resistance as well as increased fatigue strength.

Lawn & Garden

Landscape, garden, and lawn equipment has a high demand for continuous, intense work several times per day. The tools and machinery must to be able to stand up against natural elements such as grass and dirt as well as toys, rocks, and trash that may be accidentally in the way. The professionals at RMT have gained a wealth of experience over decades of work that landscape crews and manufacturers have grown to trust. Our heat treatment process provides new opportunities for blades, wheel components, and shields to receive case hardening. This hardening process will increase the toughness and wear resistance tools such as these need for a long, efficient lifecycle.


We make many of the metal parts and components that push innovation in the ever-changing railroad industry. As technology advances and consumers and oversight authorities continue to demand stricter efficiency and environmental standards, the need has never been greater for the highest quality, and most durable components. The rail clips used to hold rail tracks in place need all the support they can get while hundreds of tons of train cars pass over them. Corrosion-resistant coatings and additional heat treatment processes help make these clips last for decades. Get in touch with RMT to explore how our experience and service offerings can help your train move freight and travelers.


We are proud to honor our US Armed Services by partnering with them to deliver top-quality heat treating services for their metal parts and components. Whether your department needs parts for fighter planes, vehicles, armory items, or munitions, RMT has your heat treatment needs covered. Our processes, including hardening, carburizing, and carbonitriding lead to better performance, higher dependability, longer tool life, and additional wear resistance. From firing pins to large-scale cannon barrels, hydraulic lines to turbine blade seals, our team of experts will handle your metal units with care and skill to give you the products needed to keep our servicemen and women safe.

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